Best Thumbtack Clone with various features

Thumbtack Clone is basically a hire local service platform that provides services to the locals. These services are in the form of photography, transport services, design, event handling and many more. The most important benefit is the daily deal services like cleaning, transfer your house etc. Due to this users can easily get the daily services sitting at home that also with negotiable prices. The benefit of the provider is that they did not require going to find different jobs.

Thumbtack basically works like posting a service you want. All the interested service providers get the notification according to their portfolio and they quote the price for the service. As soon as they post their quote the job owner selects the best suited quote and assigns the job to the service provider.

Thumbtack Clone
Thumbtack Clone

NCrypted’s Thumbtack Clone

NCrypted has developed a thumbtack clone that is dealing with service provider platform. PHP Thumbtack Clone Script developed by NCrypted is in PHP 5 with MySQL database. They have highly emphasize on JS, JQuery, Ajax, JSON and table less (DIV based) HTML design so to make sure that the Thumbtack Clone script UI design is best Web 2.0 and world-class. After surveying various platforms and script, NCrypted has the best suited thumbtack clone script with all features being integrated to make it more user-friendly, scalable and robust. Let us discuss its key features in details:

Request a quote and post job

The most important feature of the platform is to requests a quote and posts a job. Posting a job is very easy. Users need to register to get a login id and a password. After login user can select the category they would like to post their job. Few questions are decided on basis of the categories. User need to answer it so that service provider can get the idea. Job seekers or service providers after getting logged in they can find the specific area of interest’s job. After reading the details of the posted job, if they feel like apt to apply they request a quote and message that they would like to deliver to them.

Advanced search

The search is capable enough to filter the requested searches for the service providers and job providers differently. This helps to seek the data easily and fast.

Industry classification – Categories

To make the Thumbtack Clone user-friendly to use and easy to navigate to different pages we have categorized the whole script on basis of categories. So, that various services can be easily classified. And if you are not about how to buying best Thumbtack Clone then read this blog and get the best Thumbtack Clone in this world.

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